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Areas of Expertise

These are the general areas in which we have expertise based on our 80 years of background in the  Christian schooling movement.  These are general areas of expertise and not all inclusive of our skills, so if you have a specific area of concern, please call so we can discuss those specific areas.

Financial planning

  • Tuition strategy and pricing
  • Managing for sustainability and growth


Strategic planning and casting a vision

  • Sticking to your mission
  • Using the vision to rally support
  • Putting the vision into practice


Human resource management

  • Retention and evaluation
  • Compensation and benefits


Your board

  • Recruiting and developing board members
  • Organization and roles and responsibilities
  • Level of involvement and financial leadership



  • Development and stewardship
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Financial aid and endowments
  • Community, alumni and church relations